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Don’t let the cold bring you down, boost your immune system!

The weather is getting colder, it’s that time of year when your immune system needs the most attention.

Moxa, other known as the plant mugwort, is an herb that’s known for its property of boosting the body’s yang energy. It is used very frequent during the winter season to boost the immune system of our body. Also popularly used for people that have weak or cold constitution in general. It is a great Qi booster and definitely something to try this season. Makes a great gift!

To purchase a convenient self moxa product visit our estore : Moxa Container

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Seminar in Vancouver, Canada 11/15-16th!

Master Tu will be in Vancouver, BC, Canada on 11/15 and 16th, from 2pm-5pm.

Classes will be held the week after seminar from 11/17~21st.

Location: Best Western Hotel  9260 Bridgeport Rd. Richmond V6X 1S

If you have any inquiries, please email us at

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11-2014 Jenny Tu set the World Record for Squat!


Jenny Tu set a World squat record of 325lbs at IPL World Championships USPA on November 7th, Golden Nugget Hotel, Las Vegas.

Junior Women 132 lb division.



Jenny Tu made American & State record at her powerlifting competition @ Metroflex Long Beach Gym, USPA!

Junior division, Bench press 171lbs, weighing in at 128lbs.







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NEW Iron Crotch Beginner Seminar 2015


Price and Dates coming soon! *Please be advise, this certification certifies that you have taken the Beginner course which can allow you to proceed with our Iron Crotch Coach Certification Course. 



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Grandmaster Tu back in Los Angeles

Grandmaster Tu is back in Los Angeles! If you are interested in taking a private lessons please contact us for more information. Grandmaster Tu will be leaving for Taiwan shortly, please take advantage of this opportunity to start learning Iron Crotch to change your life!


Feel free to call us at:


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Iron Crotch and Qi Gong Seminar in Los Angeles

Grandmaster Tu will be having an Iron Crotch / Qi Gong seminar this Saturday in Los Angeles. If you have any question feel free to contact us.


2:00pm – 5:00pm



36 W. Live Oak Ave

Arcadia, CA 91007


Contact Info:

1-626-215-7970 (English)

1-626-400-9699 (Chinese)


Thank You!


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Taiwan seminar / classes TaiNan Nov /1, 2 / 2014

Grandmaster Tu will be in Taiwan from Oct to Nov!

Attend free seminars or sign up for classes! Yi Jing and Feng shui will be taught during class and of course Qigong.


TaiNan: Nov. 1-2 : 2-5pm

For address or more information please email us  at:

台北10-2014 -fb

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2014 May Photoshoot with Grandmaster Tu

Ever wonder what kind of training exercises Grandmaster Tu does?

Heres a sneak peak of some of the internal body training exercises that he teaches.

Internal body (Nei Gong) training strengthens the internal organs leading to a stronger immune system. More importantly, it can withstand heavy blows to given to the body without major injury. One should understand the breathing techniques that are used during the exercises to prevent injuries.


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