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Herbal Tapping Stick! Detoxing and strengthening IMMUNE systems. NEW

Herbal Tapping stick

A variety of herbs carefully chosen by Master Tu to detoxify the body and also strengthen the body’s immune system.

Visit our estore for more information!Herbal Tapping Stick

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New Book ! Taoist 21st Century Health High Wisdom,Order Rightnow!

New Book ! Taoist 21st Century Health High Wisdom,Order Rightnow!


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2014 Kung Fu Magazine Tai Chi Hidden Dim Mak Article

2014 Kung Fu Magazine Tai Chi Hidden Dim Mak Article

Master Tu Dim Mak article-1

  Master Tu Dim Mak article-2

Master Tu Dim Mak article-3

 Master Tu Dim Mak article-4

Master Tu Dim Mak article-5

IMG_2483 copy


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German Student Travels to US to learn Iron Crotch

German Student Travels to US to learn Iron Crotch

Student from German travels to United States to take Iron Crotch Private Lessons


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Grandmaster Tu’s trip to Russia

Grandmaster Tu was invited to Russia to teach Iron Crotch Private Lesson



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Private Lesson with Grandmaster Tu!

Iron Crotch Private lessons are taught exclusively by Grandmaster Tu Jin Sheng where you will receive personalized  instruction based on your needs. A translator will be provided if needed.

The goal of the lesson is to ensure that you learn all the key elements in Iron Crotch in order to be able to efficiently and safely train by yourself at home.

Private instruction is perfect for those who learn best individually. This lessons is not designed for you to become certified to teach Iron Crotch, it is only for training purposes. However, we do offer a Iron Crotch Certification Program. If you are interested in being certified to teach Iron Crotch please visit our Certification Program page for more information.

Private lessons appointments are very limited since Grandmaster Tu’s  schedule is vey tight. We do require all appointments to be book at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

Please read about the benefits of Iron Crotch here.

If you need information or would like to set up an appointment please contact us.

E-mail :

Phone: 1-626-215-7970

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Oversea Practitioner Interested in Iron Crotch

We will now be taking Seminar requests for Oversea Qi Gong Practitioner who are interested in learning Iron Crotch/Qi Gong with Grandmaster Tu

If we get enough practitioner interested we may potentially set up seminar dates and travel to your country!

Please contact us directly through e-mail with the following information:


Full Name:





Contact Information:



Thank You

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Grandmaster Tu’s Tai Chi Qi Gong Instructional Book

Grandmaster Tu’s Tai Chi Qi Gong

Grandmaster Tu has been teaching Qi Gong for almost 30 years. He recently came out with a Tai Chi Qi Gong book. This book includes photo of step by step instruction on our Tai Chi Qi Gong. Grandmaster Tu’S Tai Chi is not like the Tai Chi you see in the park. His Tai Chi incorporates the 5 element Qi Gong with Tai Chi Quan. With the combination of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth each of these elements is paired up with movements that specifically targets the organ of each element. For example Fire is closely related to Heart, Water is related to Kidney and etc. These elements and their correlation to our inner organs is explained in details in the book. The book also has step by step photos to teach you the form. We also have the DVD available for those who prefer digital learning over reading. Currently this book is only available in Mandarin, however we will have an English edition soon.

Please visit our Estore to purchase the book!





正統張三丰五行八法,綿裡針,纏絲勁.何謂綿裡針 何謂纏絲勁,太極拳藏招不露,

招招精髓,絕傳於世. 氣功點穴,道家法奇門,張三丰太極,網路傳授請期


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