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Taiwan in August, Seminar & Class!

Grandmaster Tu will be heading to Taiwan in AUGUST


Seminar will be held  AUGUST 15, 16th, 2pm-5pm

Classes will be held AUGUST 17, 21


Please email for inquiries.

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Heads up Malaysia! GM Tu will be coming August 1st-9th!

Heads up Malaysia! GM Tu will be coming August 1st-9th!

Grandmaster Tu will be holding seminars & classes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Seminar will be held on AUGUST 1 & 2, 2pm-5pm

Seri Bukit Ceylon
4th Floor, No.8, Lorong Ceylon,
Off Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Classes begin: AUGUST 3rd – 9th

SPACE IS LIMITED, please email to reserve your seat.

Long-awaited fans and prospective students, this may be a chance in a life time, take advantage of this opportunity! There will be Iron Crotch, Meditation, and Qigong lessons available, also some of his products will be available for purchase.

Private lessons are available, please email for more information.

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to let us know:

Why learn Iron Crotch?
The most common reason why people learn Iron Crotch is to prevent and cure Sexual Dysfunctional Disorders. Iron Crotch practice involves training the lower abdominal region and the male genitalia. Grandmaster Tu’s Iron Crotch pairs Taoist Qi Gong training along with Iron Crotch training to create the perfect combination to enhance the males body and help those with Sexual Dysfunctional Disorder to overcome this disorder naturally without taking medication. Natural remedies are always the best way to rid any sicknesses.
Most common problems that people learn Iron Crotch for: Low testosterone, Diabetes, Prostate enlargement, Kidney problems, low sexual drive, impotence, low back pain, knee pains, low energy levels, stress, etc.
Women who practice Qigong with Grandmaster Tu has had their stress level reduced, weight loss, higher energy level, and stronger bones!
malaysia-2015 copy11 

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Meridian Exercises

Meridian Exercises

Check out clips of Grandmaster Tu Meridian exercises, each move is targeted to improve areas of the body:


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Kungfu Magazine Jack Tu: Son of Grandmaster Tu & Disciple of Jackie Chan

Kungfu Magazine Jack Tu: Son of Grandmaster Tu & Disciple of Jackie Chan

Kungfu Magazine’s cover story, exclusive interview with Jack Tu.

Jack Tu, son of Grandmaster Tu, discple of Jackie Chan, shares his story about his journey a discple of Jackie.

The interview has details about training, filming, and life traveling around China with Jackie Chan.

There is also a feature of Grandmaster Tu’s Calligraphy.

Purchase a copy today here !

img052a     img057a

img053a      img054a


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2015-5-ZDF Germany TV “Penis Qigong” w/ Grandmaster Tu

2015-5-ZDF Germany TV “Penis Qigong” w/ Grandmaster Tu

ZDF has asked Grandmaster Tu permission to film how Iron Crotch and Qigong classes are typically taught. It was a special show for their Fathers Day TV series.

Check out ZDF Germany TV show here


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New Product for Iron Crotch Training!





Energy Band

Grandmaster Tu’s newest invention for Iron Crotch Training. The magnetic energy in the stones will boost Qi while regulating and circulating the blood. The majority of men lack circulation in the area, which causes most of genital and reproduction problems. With this Energy Band, alongside Iron Crotch training, Qi and health of the body will improve* This band is to be used on the male testicles. Comes in pair. *Please note that Iron Crotch Training will not cure every disease.

Taking orders now!

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New Book !


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Jenny Tu sets American and California Record! March 2015

USPA California State Championships March 27, 2015, Citizen Crossfit, Anaheim CA.

Recording by Rocky Bang via GoPro

Junior Women & Open 132lbs weight class
Squat: 358lbs : State, American Record
Bench: 175 : State Record
Deadlift: 369 : State Record
TOTAL: 903: State, American Record

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99 Martial Arts Center


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