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New Product for Iron Crotch Training!





Energy Band

Grandmaster Tu’s newest invention for Iron Crotch Training. The magnetic energy in the stones will boost Qi while regulating and circulating the blood. The majority of men lack circulation in the area, which causes most of genital and reproduction problems. With this Energy Band, alongside Iron Crotch training, Qi and health of the body will improve* This band is to be used on the male testicles. Comes in pair. *Please note that Iron Crotch Training will not cure every disease.

Taking pre orders now!

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New Book !


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Jenny Tu sets American and California Record! March 2015

USPA California State Championships March 27, 2015, Citizen Crossfit, Anaheim CA.

Recording by Rocky Bang via GoPro

Junior Women & Open 132lbs weight class
Squat: 358lbs : State, American Record
Bench: 175 : State Record
Deadlift: 369 : State Record
TOTAL: 903: State, American Record

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Happy year of the Ram! 10% off your entire order!

Happy year of the Ram!

For a limited time on 10% off your entire order! *of 100$ or more.

Enter RAM2015 at checkout. Code expires 3/06/15.

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Grandmaster Tu in Taipei April 2015!

Grandmaster Tu will be holding seminars and classes. If you would like to attend, please give us an email and we will provide you the address.


Taipei: 4/11 & 4/12

Taipei phone:  0978-780-796

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Learn Iron Crotch at home! Instructional DVD available

Did you know you could learn Iron Crotch from your own home? We have a detailed instructional DVD, that is designed to have you practice Iron Crotch safely in just one day. Following the DVD step by step you will be able to practice Iron Crotch for your own health benefits without stepping a foot out your home. The Long Life Health Bar is a very important factor in Iron Crotch training, as is icing to cake. One cannot achieve peak results without the Health Bar. Take this advantage as we only have a few Long Life Health Bar’s left in stock, LIMITED QTY.

healthpkg__71103.1405398562.1280.1280To order, visit our online estore,

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5/2,3 Seminar in New York & 5/9,10 in Chicago

Master Tu will be holding two seminars in New York  on 5/2.3  and   in Chicago on 5/9,10

Start the year off with prioritizing your health, learn Iron Crotch from Grandmaster Tu! Iron crotch has assisted with several health concerns for those who have practiced it. To name a few, high blood pressure, prostate enlargement, low sexual drive, low testosterone, hairloss, etc.. Master Tu will be in town for 1 week to teach this ancient art, with his guidance you will be safe to practice at home.  Not only will Iron Crotch be taught, there is also Qigong, meditation, and practice of internal healing. For more information or questions regarding the seminar, please email us at Please email us to reserve a spot. Space is limited.


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Check out our NEW Guestbook Page

Please check out our new Guest Book Page! This is an interactive page for you to ask Grandmaster Tu any questions you may have! We will try to respond to your questions within 48 hours.


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