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Health Bar Package ON SALE!

Health Bar Package Includes:

  • Long Life Health Bar
  • Iron Crotch Instructional DVD
  • Training Silk
  • Training Hook
  • Dragon Bone Qigong
  • The ultimate training tool! It’s a weapon, a massage tool, a Taiji guide, a muscle developer, a conditioning flail and more-all combined into one! Designed by Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng, the Long Life Health Bar is an innovative breakthrough fusing ancient wisdom with modern manufacturing. It can be recombined into a wide variety of tools for dozens of uses, from a fighting tonfa to a crystal-bead point massage tool. With sturdy metal alloy construction, the Long Life Health Bar has everything you need for a well rounded practice. One of the most amazing products for the martial arts ever! Comes complete with 55 page instructional book, an instructional VCD (playable on most computers and some DVD players,) a full color, 54 x 21 inch instructional poster and shoulder-slung carrying case. This Health Bar make a great present for family, friends, and everyone else!

    Dragon Bone Qigong:

    Dragon Bone Qigong is a special empowerment exercise that cultivates your internal energies and restores your natural health. Dragon Bone is a Chinese metaphor for the spine. This simple rejuvenating system is based on ancient Taoist health practices and animal movements. You will learn how to use the movements of the Turtle, Dragon, Monkey, Tiger, Deer, Snake and Bear to enhance your potential and integrate your mind, body and spirit into a holistic being. Men and women of all ages can benefit from this extraordinary program and gain more out of life. (approx. 50 mins)

    ***Grandmaster Tu’s recommendation: If you want to achieve better result with Iron Crotch, without the tapping stick (Long Life Health Bar) one cannot improve and see their peak results. All of Grandmaster Tu’s student learning Iron Crotch also have to learn to use the Long Life Health Bar.

    九九長生棒是一項有多功能用途的,用鐵掃把拍打全身可以通經開穴,排除身內毒素;增強免疫系統又可輕易的消除肩膀腰酸背痛也可達到治療尿酸痛封減肥的效果. 它可用來作為太極氣功導引,溫灸棒,按摩棒,更可作為登山柺杖及功夫棒之用.

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