Iron Crotch FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about Iron Crotch. If you still have more questions feel free to either give us a call or e-mail!

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Q: Who should learn  Iron Crotch?

A: There are no specifications on WHO should learn Iron Crotch. Iron Crotch is a practice that can enhances the males body and strength. Not only can it improve your immune system and cure illnesses it can also improve your sex life!

Q: Can Women learn Iron Crotch?

A: Yes! Women can learn Iron Crotch but currently we are not offerring these type of classes. Our main focus is only on Men Iron Crotch.

Q: What is the benefits from learning Iron Crotch?

A: There are many benefits in learning Iron Crotch such as an increase in the immune system, overall health, male hormones, daily energy, increased hair growth and most importantly an increase in male genitalia size!

Q: Is it dangerous to learn Iron Crotch?

A: No, Absolutely not! There are many myths about how Iron Crotch can be extremely painful and can harm the male genitalia. Those myths are wrong, but not entirely false. Iron Crotch can be very dangerous without proper guidance. If done incorrectly, it can and may potentially harm your body without yielding any results. With almost 40 years of teaching experience, Grandmaster Tu’s extensive knowledge can ensure the most safe and effective way to learn Iron Crotch.

Q: Can those with medical conditions like, Diabetes, Type II, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Issues, Asthma, etc., learn Iron Crotch? 

A: Yes, as a matter of fact, for the medical conditions listed, it is highly recommended to learn Iron Crotch. Learning Iron Crotch can help decrease the severity of those conditions and improve your health.

Q: Can Men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, Placid Penis or Semi-Erect Penis learn Iron Crotch? 

A: These sexual dysfunction are one of the main reasons why people choose to learn Iron Crotch. Iron Crotch is the the best drug-free and permanent method to fix these problems.

Q: Can Men who learn Iron Crotch increase Length and Girth of the male genitalia?

 A: Yes, it is the only natural way to increase the length and girth of the male genitalia.

Q: Are the results instant?

 A: Result can show as soon as 3 days to 1 week depending person and result desired.

Q: Does Grandmaster Tu offer private lessons?

A: Yes! Click here for more information.


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