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99 Qi Gong Yosemite Retreat! Mudras, Star Constellation and Qi Gong Training.

Grandmaster Tu brought 30 students up to his Mountain Training Retreat in Yosemite for a exciting weekend of training and exercise. Students learned Mudras which are actions of hands and fingers that can be performed at anytime and anyway such as sitting, standing, walking or traveling. These are sacred practices that are only taught to students of Grandmaster Tu and only taught in our Mountain Training Retreat in Yosemite. Classes are only held twice a year. Grandmaster Tu also taught how to absorb the Star energy at night. During the night, Grandmaster Tu also taught the artform of “star energy absorption” while gazing upon the vivid night sky.

The following morning, we gathered at Yosemite Glacier Point where we laid on enormous rocks to absorb the sun’s energy. It helped draw out the bad chi out of our bodies and promoted an overall well being.

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