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Push envy of Iron Crotch aside as you contemplate phallic feat

Push envy of Iron Crotch aside as you contemplate phallic feat
Bay Area grandmaster of Qigong pulls truck with penis
Inside Bay Area
FREMONT — The ancient Greeks worshipped it. Freud said women envy it. And Tuesday, a man pulled a truck with it.Yes, you read that right.

He pulled a truck with his penis.

Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng, best known for his “Iron Crotch,” attached himself not once but twice to a rental moving truck and pulled it several yards across a parking lot in Fremont. In lace-up leather boots and a black tank top, the 50-year-old tied a strip of blue fabric around the base of his penis and testicles and tugged to make sure it was on tight. An assistant kicked him hard between the legs before he lashedhimself to the vehicle.

He groaned, grunted and pressed against two men for resistance.

Then, slowly, the truck began to roll forward.

About 20 people, most of whom study Qigong, the ancient Chinese art of movement and breathing to increase energy, gathered for the truck pull in an unassuming office park just off Interstate 880.

A documentary film director and producer from London were on hand to shoot the jaw-dropping feat for a three-part series called “Penis Envy,” scheduled to air next year on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. Footage from the truck pull will be used for the series’ piece on building the perfect penis.

“He’s very special. Powerful. Superman,” said an awe-struck Shawnee Wang, who studies Qigong with Jin-Sheng at his gym in Cupertino. “I just came here to watch my master perform.”

Jin-Sheng, the grandmaster of Iron Crotch, a branch of Qigong also known as 99 Qigong, is said to have 60,000 followers worldwide. Qigong practitioners are known to lift hundreds of pounds with their genitals to increase energy and sexual performance. One of Jin-Sheng’s most famous students, a 70-year-old man in Taiwan, is said to have lifted more than 660 pounds with his penis. The grandmaster teaches Iron Crotch and Qigong in Fremont and Cupertino.

Jin-Sheng’s performance Tuesday drew a hearty applause (and only a few gasps) from the sparse crowd. He wrapped a piece of fabric around his waist to conceal his genitals, but in the heat of the second truck pull, when he tied the cloth around his testicles only, it was pushed aside to reveal a ball of flesh that looked ready to burst.

Jin-Sheng wiped the sweat from his brow after the show and said through an interpreter that he felt comfortable and warm.

When asked if he was in any pain, he laughed.

“If it’s painful,” he said, “then you will see it bleed.”

His wife, Sandy, snapped photos while her husband warmed up and then pulled the truck. The couple originally is from Taiwan and has lived in San Jose since 2003.

So is Sandy the envy of her friends?

“Yes,” she said, flashing a wide smile. “Of course.”

Jin-Sheng was featured in the April edition of Penthouse magazine, in a story titled “Facts and Phalluses of America’s Favorite Organ.” In November 2003, he and his penis made the Weekly World News.

“He believes that the sexual organs are a source of great power,” said Gene Ching, associate publisher of the Fremont-based Kung Fu Magazine, which claims to have introduced Jin-Sheng to the United States and featured him on its March/April 2003 cover. “So it’s sort of a vitality exercise.”

Ching, who does not study Iron Crotch, has heard that it does help in the bedroom.

“I imagine that if you can tow a truck, that is going to give you some skills,” he said.

The grandmaster said the most challenging object he ever has pulled was a 60-foot truck — and that was with another man. These days, however, he is looking to up the ante. Jin-Sheng hopes to strap a dozen of his top students to a 747 for the biggest penis pull of all time. All he needs is an airplane.

“What can you say?” said Krishna Govender, the documentary film director who came from London specifically to meet Jin-Sheng and watch him work. “The strength of this guy — it’s phenomenal.”

Govender has seen and heard many things during the making of the documentary. He flew to Russia to meet a doctor who grew a penis on a man’s arm and later grafted it to his genitals. He interviewed countless men about their most private, and treasured, possession.

But he never had seen a man pull a truck with one.

“The most fraught relationship is that between man and his penis,” he said. “It’s the most enduring one, as well.”

For more information about Jin-Sheng and Iron Crotch, go to

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Iron Penis Grandmaster Tu

Iron Penis Grandmaster Tu

Iron Penis (i.e. Iron Crotch) is an extreme form of kung fu training. Only the baddest-assed motherfuckers can endure the demands of Iron Penis Qigong. Master Tu Jin-Sheng has been practicing Iron Penis Qigong for over 25 years, and is the foremost expert on asian cock training.

Due to unexplained reasons, this Iron Crotch has never been introduced into the western world with its full-length English version until last year by many Chinese Qigong masters. Naturally, it soon captures the westerners’ attention, because it works to strengthen their body an mind, in addition to their sexuality.

It’s called Shaolin Kidney-strengthening Exercise, which is more accessible, and has been taken as a smooth prerequisite of the Iron Crotch(Iron penis, balls, or Penis qikong).


Penis training is often ridiculed in the martial arts, perhaps out of envy, perhaps because it seems so absurd. Bring it up around the most machomartial arts men, and they will be crossing their legs and giggling likeschoolgirls. But as Tu sees it, people train every other part of their body except their sexual organs. He considers his method as the only way to correct this oversight. While most people think the only exercise a penis gets is ejaculation, Tu’s method treats the penis like an arm, a leg or any other part of the body. Tu comments “People compete will all their four limbs, why not this?


“With just a half-hour to an hour of practice a day, Master Tu promises quick results. After only one week, your hips will loosen. In two weeks, you will not feel thirsty as easily. After the first month, your vision will become clearer. By two months, your complexion will improve and the bags under your eyes will disappear, and by three months, you will require less sleep and feel powerful all of the time. Eventually, you won’t feel the need to go the bathroom as often and any plaguing maladies will vanish. And what about sex? Master Tu says “Of course! This is really great for sex!” One of his students fathered a new baby at age 82. Another student fathered a son 20 years after the birth of his daughter. Master’s Tu’s most incredible claim is that the highest masters of penis qigong can use it to pull cars, break ice blocks and even cut coconuts.” (Ha ha ha, the Indian masters can suck liquids up the cock, like sucking mercury up the cock and sweating it out from their chests. That’s fucking metal, man, liquid metal)Benefits Of Iron Penis

The penis Qigong can increase the local blood circulation and promote the endocrine function of the testicles. In addition to the function of advancing sex, this Iron Penis Crotch also helps strengthen and keep the male hormone —which thus also contributes to protein synthesis, supply energy, resist fatigue, prevent con-senescence, tone up physical force, strengthen immunity, and beautify skin.

Physically speaking, Iron Crotch can make one’s private part become hit-resistive and capable of loading heavy stuff.

Healthily speaking, Iron Penis is able to cure the most cases of premature ejaculation, impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Sexually speaking, Iron Penis makes your sexuality immensely enhanced, and in addition to your bettering sexual performance and less-exhasuting capability, your desire for the intimacy will be elevated.

Mentally speaking, you will feel much refreshed and relief from the high tension of life, believing your Qi in the very center of your body is gathered.

Chicks Dig The Iron Penis

“ I have read the ebook of Iron Crotch from,and really enjoyed the information that they provide. I’m no victim to impotence or erectile dysfunction, but I from time to time feel tired of sexual exhasution due to the excessive love-makings those days. I only followed the info about the “Chi” cautiously, and gradually felt the all-rounded benefits of it.I feel much more refreshed and relieved from the rountine work,and the sexual performance becomes more of a mental pleasure than a toiling work. It seems that the Yin and Yang in Chinese medicine reach their harmony inside me. Anyway, I feel more like myself now, and I know I’ve got so lot with the least price what it takes, and I believe any weired disease will leave me far alone in the future.

“Surprisingly, women can actually practice Jiu Yang Shen Gong too. Female students can train by inserting a special ping pong-like ball in their vagina. This ball is attached to a rod, and then hung with heavy weights just like a man’s penis. While a man can begin studying this qigong at any age, a woman can only practice it before she reaches menopause.”

Incredible Feats of The Iron Penis

Iron Penis Training Video

  • Perhaps the most amazing feat of Iron Penis training is that it is the only viable offense known to counter the dreaded Iron Hymen
  • Master Tu has another extraordinary stunt in the works. He is in the process of getting clearance from the Taiwanese government to borrow a 747 jet airplane. Tu figures 20 to 24 of his top students, by strapping their penises, 6 to 8 men per wheel, can generate combined penis pulling power to move the 18,000-kilogram (39,780 lbs!) 747. That’s over a ton and a half per penis.

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Tu Jin-Sheng: Undisputed Master of Penis Qigong and Iron Crotch

Tu Jin-Sheng: Undisputed Master of Penis Qigong and Iron Crotch

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Tu Jin-Sheng Iron Crotch preparationHave you ever walked up to someone and realized they were attaching steel cables to their dick?  Me, too—and as we’ve both learned, that’s always an awkward moment. One of the strangest side effects of Chinese culture being imported into the US is the new “Iron Crotch” fad, being embraced by white kids who are jaded by Jackass, bored with Fight Club and looking for something even more intense.  There are a lot of weird Emergency Room visits in America’s future, and the reason for that is Tu Jin-Sheng, one of the undisputed masters of Qigong.

As Kung Fu magazine puts it: “When a man can tow a truck with his genitals, that’s all anyone ever really remembers about him.” Of course, that was written before Jin-Sheng added airplanes to his resume.  This man is a badass in the Bruce Lee tradition, having mastered enough English to deliver action-movie one-liners at will:

When asked if he was in any pain, he laughed.

“If its painful,” he said, “then you will see it bleed.”



We’ve discussed Tamakeri before—the uniquely japanese “Porno” that involves men being repeatedly and brutally kicked in the nuts.  For most men, that’s punishment—for a few odd ducks, that’s paradise.  For Tu Jin-Sheng, that’s just getting warmed up. First of all, let’s get the photo out of the way:


Iron Crotch Penis Qigong Preparation

Now, I could write a five-part series just off the expression his assistant’s face as he drives his shins into his Master’s nether reigons, but that would be ramblingand I never ramble. More importantly, there’s actual science behind this.  Anyone with a penis is probably wondering how exactly Jin-Sheng is still intact, and like all true Masters, he’s perfectly happy to share his secrets:

In Qigong, there are three important power fields known as san cai. The first is the universe: sun, air and light. The second is earth: animals, nature and minerals. The third is within your body. You must combine these three to truly cultivate your energy.

…when you practice qigong, you must have the right time and the right place. Go to a good place, a natural place or a spiritual place. I practice in the mountains or by the ocean every day. Also practice at the right time when you have good yin and yang energy.

When a master reaches the highest level, he can pull it up. That’s how my son can kick me in the crotch at an exhibition, because it’s not there.”

you are no match for my iron crotchLet me be perfectly clear—this man is a genuine scientist with a lot to teach you. This is not pointing fingers at the funny Asian man with remarkable Wang, this is not Laugh At Other Cultures Day.  Qigong is an advanced system of self-healing that’s actually much more effective and powerful than anything you’ll find in a US hospital.  For instance, here’s Jin-Sheng’s explanation of the theory behind his power:

For human beings, the reproductive system is the most important source. That’s where your energies originate. Within the human brain, your hormone producing glands are active until you reach puberty. After puberty, that decreases and a most of your hormones are produced by your reproductive organs. You reach a sexual peak in your thirties, after which your reproductive organs start to shrink and you get weaker.

This is why once you reach puberty, it is more difficult to correct bad habits and learn things like a new language. If you have an accent at this age, you will probably never lose it. This is due to the decrease in your brain’s hormonal production causing a decline in your mental capacity to process new information.

Chinese qigong masters realized this. What they sought to achieve was a method of prolonging the peak of your reproductive period. At the same time, they wanted to keep your mind sharp so you could continue to learn new things and cultivate wisdom.


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Iron Crotch Plane Tow 2006

Iron Crotch Plane Tow 2006

by Gene Ching

Grandmaster Tu Jin-ShengIf you had an iron crotch, what would you do with it? For the average male, the imagination runs wild with porn star fantasies of lascivious supermodels. But genuine iron crotch master Tu Jin-Sheng is a happily-married family man. So what does he dream of? A big jet plane. Never mind the Freudian implications there; Tu has had his iron-clad genitals pointed straight at a 747 for over half a decade. In 2001, we introduced Grandmaster Tu to the Western world in the very first English-language article about him: Iron Penis: Not for Men Only!. There Tu revealed his desire to stage an extraordinary exhibition of his Iron Crotch prowess – to tow a 747 jet airliner. This stunt would require the cooperation of several of his top pupils, not to mention a 747, but Tu remains devoted to this gonad goal. A preposterous penile publicity stunt, you say? On November 13, 2006, at the Palm Springs Air Museum in California, Tu got a few steps closer to realizing his dream.

Helping Hands for Iron Crotch
Since we published that Iron Penis article, the possibility of arranging an Iron Crotch Plane Tow for Grandmaster Tu has been discussed many times within our production chambers. We’ve had plenty of experience assisting in Iron Crotch Truck Pulls already. In fact, it’s become so common around here now that we don’t get that excited about them anymore. Perhaps that’s an indication of how jaded we’ve become about it. Grandmaster Tu performed a pull for our 10 Year Anniversary Benefit. He also did one in our office parking lot last year for a BBC documentary. There were several more tows that we didn’t bother to report. An Iron Crotch Plane Tow presents fresh challenges and we always love a new challenge. Acquiring a plane isn’t as easy as renting a truck. People lending planes like to know what you’re going to do with them. Rental truck companies don’t ask prohibitive questions like “will someone be towing this truck with their genitals?”

Staging the first Iron Crotch Plane Tow required the cooperation of three parties (coincidentally all run by women, but we won’t dwell on that). First, of course, was We’ve enjoyed a long and fruitful cooperative relationship with Iron Crotch, so our publisher, Gigi Oh, often serves as an intermediary for Grandmaster Tu. We support many masters, but we give special support to Grandmaster Tu because he’s always been very supportive of us. He’s eagerly provided research material for articles, calligraphy for special projects and is always open to doing demonstrations for events associated with us. He even offers free classes to all of our employees and orders his students to subscribe. Tu insists on donning our “got qi?” shirts for his demos. Our shirt is all he needs, since obviously he doesn’t need pants. We’re proud to be outfitters for the Iron Crotch.

The second accomplice in the Iron Crotch Plane Tow was the 9th World Congress of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Overseeing the Congress is Dr. Effie Poy Yew Chow, one of the great pioneers of qigong in America. Dr. Chow has been a stalwart promoter for decades. has supported the Congress (or, more specifically, Gigi has supported Effie) almost since its inception. Gigi helped bring about Grandmaster Tu’s involvement with the Congress years ago, which included an Iron Crotch Truck Pull for them.

Golden Gate BridgeWhile the Congress has been held in San Francisco over the last few years, this year it went south. Dr. Chow cooperated with the International Complementary and Natural Healthcare Conference and Expo (CAMEXPO West) and nested the Congress within that event. CAMEXPO is a larger national gathering that was held in Los Angeles at the time of the tow. However, CAMEXPO wanted nothing to do with Iron Crotch. From the onset, Tu’s Iron Crotch was met with skepticism. The CAMEXPO organizers were quite explicit in their restrictions. There was to be no Iron Crotch demonstrations at their expo whatsoever. They would have none of that crotch business. Grandmaster Tu’s demonstrations at the Congress have always been crowd pleasers, so Gigi and Effie struggled to find him a place. In the end, he did demonstrate some qigong stunts, but was omitted from the speaker biographies in the CAMEXPO program.

Instead of Iron Crotch, Grandmaster Tu performed three of his other qigong standards for CAMEXPO. These are worthy of note, since Iron Crotch always overshadows the rest of Tu’s work, and his alternate qigong feats are extraordinary too, especially to the trained eye. First, Tu bent a metal pipe. Many strongmen and martial artists will bend metal bars, but few will try pipes. Pipes are hard to bend because a cylinder is a sound structure, especially if it is short. Once the pipe is crimped, it’s easier to bend; but starting that crimp is no easy task. Second, he painted while standing on raw eggs. Now eggs are actually fairly strong from end to end. There’s that old parlor trick of trying to crush an egg between your palms with your fingers interlaced. If you hold the egg on its ends, it’s very hard to do. So, eggs are strong enough to withstand quite a bit of pressure if they are at the right angle. The walking-on-eggs stunt is relatively easy by using a special stand that keeps the eggs at just the right angle. With such a prop, the performer need only step evenly and lightly. The thing is, Tu doesn’t use such a prop. He just uses a regular egg carton. That’s much more difficult. His third demonstration was to wrap chains around his chest and then break them using only the power of his torso. This is another common trick amongst strongmen and qigong performers’ but of course, Tu takes it further. His assistants wrap him with chains and pull them taught; Tu plays a melody on a flute, then breaks the chains. Breaking chains with your chest is hard enough. Try doing it while playing the flute. The casual observer might not notice these details or understand why they make these stunts more difficult than the typical fare. They just want to see the Iron Crotch.

This brings us to the third party involved in the Iron Crotch Plane Tow and the real instigators of this outrageous stunt. Our former editor, Martha Burr, and her film partner, Meijuin Chen of Lotus Films, arranged the plane tow for their new documentary project. This is the same team that brought us SHAOLIN ULYSSES, the PBS Independent Lens documentary that aired in 2004. Their latest project is for the National Geographic International Channel, which reaches some 140 countries but strangely excludes America. The hour-long documentary is scheduled to debut in 2007 as part of the “Taiwan to the World” series. In the tradition of Homer and Joyce, their second documentary has the working title KUNGFU ODYSSEY.

KUNGFU ODYSSEY consists of three different stories of the martial arts. The first segment follows Master Wang Jin Fa of Taiwan’s Hung Men Qingxi Tang. Wang is a leading scholar and lineage holder of this mysterious kung fu secret society. He was first introduced to the west in a special two-part feature, “Behind the Big Door,” by Gigi and yours truly that ran in our May/June and July/August issues of 2003. Part one was subtitled “Secrets of Taiwan’s Hung Men Conspiracy” while part two was “Taiwan’s Secret of Hung Men Salutes, Tribunal Halls and the Rituals of Exotic Lion Dance.” The final segment follows Jade Lin, a wushu competitor from the Taipei Physical Education College, as she prepares to compete in the Second World Traditional Wushu Festival that was held at the Shaolin Temple of China last October. The central segment is about Grandmaster Tu and gets up close and personal with his Iron Crotch.


Master Tu Prepares to pull a P-52 Mustang Fighter Plane


Iron Crotch Pulls the Mustang
Martha and Meijuin followed Grandmaster Tu through the Congress, filming the aforementioned qigong demonstrations there for their documentary, but the Iron Crotch Plane Tow was staged independent of the CAMEXPO and solely for their project. Dr. Chow attended Tu’s tow too, as one qigong master supporting another. According to Martha, they originally wanted to attempt the 747, but the price of that project soon got out of hand. They had hoped that some airline fleet might want to lend them a 747 for publicity (Martha was particularly hopeful for Virgin Airlines), but – like CAMEXPO – they balked. Iron Crotch was not the type of image they wanted to project. “Renting a 747 costs $10,000,” added Martha. Additionally, the filmmakers would have needed to fly at least eight of his students to the location, which was way beyond their budget. The size of the plane diminished to a 727, then a 707, and finally down to a P-51 Mustang fighter. Martha contacted the Palm Springs Air Museum and made an inquiry. “At first, they were like, ‘What?!’ But after I explained about qigong, they were very cooperative. They were mostly concerned that this wasn’t X rated.”


Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng pulling a WW2 era P-52 Mustang, fighter plane.


On the brilliant Monday morning after the Congress, the filmmakers and a small audience assembled at the Air Museum for Grandmaster Tu’s first ever Iron Crotch Plane Tow. The P-51 weighs some 8000 pounds, which is actually lighter than some of the loads he’s towed in previous Iron Crotch Truck Pulls. Nevertheless, towing a plane was unprecedented and everyone was very excited to see Tu do his thing.

Tu went through his typical qigong warm-ups, a unique curriculum of esoteric qigong and calisthenics, as well as rubbing and beating himself, that culminates in someone repeatedly kicking him in the balls. Few men can endure even that warm-up. In fact, most Iron Crotch demonstrators just stop there. On its own, taking a shot to the family jewels is an extraordinary qigong stunt. For most audiences, that’s more than proof enough.

Once he was warmed up, Tu faced the aircraft and strapped his penis into place with his signature baby blue silk cord. Then, bracing his arms against two large male assistants, he began stepping backwards, slowly at first, and then a bit quicker once the plane got rolling. Tu’s tow was a success, so much so that he insisted on a second, more difficult tow. The aircraft was repositioned with its wheels in a small groove in the tarmac. This would make it more challenging to get the initial momentum going, which is the hardest part. From this position, Tu repeated the stunt, but this time, unaided by any assistants. Everyone applauded with amazement. Martha and Meijuin got their footage. Gigi and Effie were happy to have been of service. Tu’s son Jack quickly posted his personal footage on youtube.

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direkt

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Iron Crotch Truck Pull 2005

Iron Crotch Truck Pull 2005

by Gene Ching

A friend of mine recently commented, “Don’t know why a guy getting kicked in the nuts is funny. Looks very painful to me.” She’s a woman commentator, obviously. And she’s right. As any guy knows, few things are as painful as a boot to the goods. On the flip side, anyone who’s actually managed to deliver such a blow in a real fight will attest that nothing is quite so rewarding. Trust me on this. I got the chance to kick a man repeatedly in the crotch. Believe it or not, it was part of my job here at Kung Fu Tai Chi. It’s funny to think about now, but at the time, it was nothing short of awe inspiring.

On the morning of November 22nd, 2005, Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng demonstrated his most extraordinary skill at Iron Crotch, right here in our office parking lot. It was at the behest of some documentary filmmakers from the UK. They were working on a three-part series titled PENIS ENVY; Grandmaster Tu will appear in the episode titled “BUILDING THE PERFECT PENIS”. Our parking lot audience was small, just the filmmakers, our magazine crew, some of Tu’s students and Tiger Claw staff, plus a few lucky Tiger Claw customers who happened to be picking up orders. The truck pull made the headlines of six of our local newspapers, several of which ran it on the front page.

embedded by Embedded Video

Iron Crotch demonstrations are always eye-popping. Grandmaster Tu began by doing some self stimulation and qigong. He said he needed assistance to warm up and asked me to tug on him. I balked at that request, trying to get clarification. Then he asked me to kick him. OK, that I could do. I started light and struck harder with each successive kick. It’s always awkward when some one asks you to kick them in the balls, especially when it’s someone you know. Trust me on this one too. I delivered just over a half dozen direct kicks to his genitals. Ultimately, I didn’t kick as hard as I could have, but about half of the kicks were good solid shots and any of them would have brought down an ordinary man, given the target area. Contrary to common belief, Tu did not retract his genitals into his body. Quite the opposite, they were all hanging out. After all, it’s what he was going to use to tow a 16′ Budget Rental Truck (Senior Graphic Designer Patrick Lugo thought we should have rented from BIG 4 RENTS, but I’m the only other one in the office who understood why). Nevertheless, a Budget 16-footer has an empty weight of 8100 lbs. It took several guys just to push it into position.

Grandmaster Tu performed two truck pulls. For the first one, he tied off both the shaft of his penis and his testicles. For the second one, he tied off only his testicles. He said he could have used only the shaft of his penis too, but that required him to be more fully engorged with qi, and that doesn’t look so good, he said. Patrick and I assisted by providing leverage, but Tu really only needed us for that second pull. That being said, we were both right next to him. We both saw everything, not that we were staring or anything. We’ll both testify about Tu’s testicles. There was no fakery. It was genuine all the way.

Now, the testicle tow was a new one. I’ve seen Grandmaster Tu perform his Iron Penis Truck Pull before. He did one for our 10 Year Anniversary Gala Benefit, but I’ve never seen him use his testicles alone. Grandmaster Tu said he was feeling good and wanted to try it. Maybe it was my qi-filled kicks. Now in my mind, Tu’s two-testicle truck tow trick totally defies the laws of physics and anatomy. I studied Anatomy and Physiology in college. I’ve done cadaver work and seen what’s really inside a man’s sack. There’s not much to the scrotum, just skin, nerves and gonads. How can a man possibly tow an 8100 lbs truck with that? As I was shaking my head in disbelief, Grandmaster Tu’s wife, Sandy, flashed a sly grin at me and said “That could be you. Just ten or fifteen minutes a day.” I think my scientific skepticism will forever bar me from such a stunt. As my friend said, “Looks very painful to me.”

I’ve known Grandmaster Tu for several years now, ever since I penned the first English story on him in our Nov/Dec 2001 issue. That story was plagiarized by the Weekly World News in their November 2003 issue; the cover with Saddam and Osama’s shaved ape baby. I was very disappointed about not getting credit for that since I would have loved to have added the Weekly World News to my body of published work. But that was only the beginning of what has become a lot of research for me, especially considering the fact that I’m not a student of Grandmaster Tu.

10 year PosterIn 2002, Grandmaster Tu was very gracious about donating his time and energy to our Gala Benefit; his Iron Crotch Truck Pull is quite the crowd pleaser in ourcommemorative DVD. Later that year, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov used GDV camera technology to measure Tu’s energy levels and produced some startling results. We ran a cover story on Grandmaster Tu for our Mar/Apr 2003 issue. We also worked on translating Grandmaster Tu’s instructional videos into English along with bringing some of his other goodies westward, in particular his ultimate qigong tool, the Long Life Health Bar.. We’ve also helped him build a website

I’ve done a few interviews about him for other news media, since he doesn’t speak English. Morning shock jock DJs really like to talk about it. In fact, we received several more requests after Tu’s truck pull made the headlines. Penthouse even interviewed me for their April 2005 issue. I’m hoping Howard Stern gets word soon.

I must say is that it’s been an honor to work with a master of his caliber and I hope to continue to do so. Anytime he needs someone to kick him in the balls, I’m so there. Of course, that offer goes for pretty much anyone. “That could be you. Just ten or fifteen minutes a day.

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Bigger! Longer! Harder!

Grand Master Tu Jin-Sheng on Iron Crotch, Qigong and the Arts
by Gene Ching and Gigi Oh

Grandmaster Tu Jin-ShengWhen a man can tow a truck with his genitals, that’s all anyone ever really remembers about him. It?s a hard act to follow. What could possibly be more extreme? Iron crotch is the rarest of disciplines and anyone who masters it is an exceptional practitioner. Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng is undeniably exceptional, but he?s exceptional even if you overlook his truck towing skills. Tu has a lot of irons in the fire, many more than the curious voyeurs see (and any firsthand witness of Tu’s towing prowess knows he leaves nothing unexposed.) He’s a consummate artist, a shining wise warrior and a master of his own universe. To the martial world, he is a past fighting champion and preeminent qigong master who excels at many methods beyond iron crotch. In Taiwan, he is a prolific author (with many of his books lavishly self illustrated) and has produced several well-received qigong instructional videos. To non-martial artists, he is also an accomplished painter and musician. He frequently combines his talents for these arts in sharp contrast to his amazing demonstrations of breaking, towing and hard qigong. Tu is also an inventor. He created a unique line of Taiwanese health products that fuse traditional tools with modern manufacturing. Tu even designs his own clothes, not just his eye-catching demonstration dress, but also his dashing casual wear, both always richly adorned with the Taoist motifs of a modern day shaman. Indeed, while most people only remember him for his endowment, there’s far more to this remarkable master than what first meets the eye.

Just a tiny peek into Grandmaster Tu’s universe is overwhelming. Every aspect of his work reveals the intricate web of Taoism and martial teachings. For example, take his creation, the Long Life Health Bar. It?s a James Bond-like contraption consisting of a collection of components that can be assembled into a wide variety of Kungfu and Qigong tools. One assemblage is the “Kungfu club,” a tonfa-like weapon (or more accurately what the Chinese call a guai (crutch)) for which Tu teaches a special short fighting form just for this weapon. Reassemble the parts and it becomes an assortment of massage tools, each with a different handle to reach those hard to get areas. These come complete with a crystal bead point or a moxibustion chamber to burn the aromatic herb moxa (Artemisia Vulgaris) ? a traditional Chinese medicine known for its therapeutic effects. Of course, this comes complete with instructions too. Reassemble it again and you have a spring-resistance muscle developer, complete with an exercise curriculum designed by Tu. Another reassembly forms a Tai Chi exercise rod, again complete with a program of exercises. One more switch and it?s a “tapping club,” a metal flail used in many esoteric schools of qigong. Tu notes that qigong flails parallel the self flagellation asceticism of ancient Christian and Buddhist monks. They used it to dispel sins. In qigong, it is used to stimulate qi flow. And there are more functions ? this is just a tiny glimpse. When we first saw the Long Life Health Bar here at the office, we didn’t know what to make of it. It was like the ultimate Kungfu Qigong Transformer toy ? an all-in-one device that Sharper Image should carry, if they knew Chinese. But soon after, we were all hitting ourselves with that flail, addicted to its invigorating effects. Now from time to time, we even fight over whose body needs some more smacks from Tu’s “special stick.”

The Long Life Health Bar is also an important device for training Grandmaster Tu’s art of jiu jiu shen gong or 99 Power Practice. This is the ancient qigong practice involves progressive weight training with your private parts. In tandem with a strict curriculum of qigong exercises, 99 Power Practice is rooted in Taoism and Shaolin Muscle-Tendon Change. In fact, the common name “Iron Crotch” doesn?t really get at what this unusual practice is all about. Actually, it is more of a vitality practice than a martial one ? Tu’s ability to withstand blows to the crotch is just an additional benefit. Beyond vitality, of course, there?s the sex. Tu acknowledges “This is really great for sex.” According to Tu “When you are young, size does matter. Every body is NOT born with the same size and this area is NOT the same size for everybody. If you are big there, it means you are in good health. If you are heavy in that area, you have an extraordinary body. You are in excellent health. At middle age, length matters. If you are long, it means your blood circulation is good. Your heart works well and you look healthy. When you are old, it’s softness and hardness that matters. Hard means your blood circulation is good. And the saying goes, ‘if you are long, hard, and big when you are young, it is the best thing ever. If you can keep it hard when you are old, that means your body is in excellent shape.'” He cites three main benefits of his extraordinary practice. First is that it strengthens your immune system. Second it increases your energy. And third is threefold ? it makes you bigger, longer and harder. Look out Viagra. Here comes some internal Taoist alchemy to put your external pills to shame.

Spirit Alchemy MandalaGrandmaster Tu joined us over several crisp, clear days at the beginning of November last year. We were working together on how best to bring his research to the West. His discussions took us on a journey into extreme Taoism where the cold framework of science was often fogged over by the creeping misty mountain ways of ancient China. His philosophy was more poetic analogy than anatomical analysis, but no less resonating. Ultimately, all that remained was Tao.

Tu is graceful man who moves like a swimming dragon, with sudden bursts of thunderous gestures, natural displays of raw power. He is a very calm speaker with a deep bass voice, softened with kindness. His hands move like brushstrokes while his thick body is solid and upright as an immovable stone statue. Tu was very open and frank about the “inner secrets” of his practice, exposing himself to scrutiny just as openly as when exposes his privates in his public towing demonstrations.

The Tu Jin-Sheng Interview:


The purpose of Qigong and standing on eggshells
“The purpose of qigong is to achieve a state of calmness in a very short period of time. Then you can reach a state of meditation ? a stillness stage. I used to do this exhibition where I would hammer nails through wood with the back of my fist, and then immediately give a gu zhen recital (gu zhen is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument, akin to a Japanese koto, sort of an elongated, non-electric a pedal steel guitar.) In another show, I would chop a steel pipe with my bare hand. Then right after, I would paint a traditional watercolor while standing on top of eggs (and not breaking them.) I did it this way because it’s like the biathlon. There, you have to ski a long track then right after, you have to steady yourself for sharp shooting. That is a form of control. When you do the first event, your pulse will top 200. Then you must calm yourself completely in a very short period of time. Only when you are calm is your hand steady enough to shoot. Likewise, you must be calm to stand on top of eggs. This requires still qigong and light qigong skills. Once I am calm, I can start painting.

The ultimate goal of any qigong master or method is to control your heart and mind. It?s not that I do anything different. Perhaps my level is a little higher, but actually any kind of qigong method should be able to control your mental state and your pulse. Just before you die, your heart beat becomes uneven. If you don?t stabilize it, you die. That?s what I try to demonstrate with the arrangement of my exhibitions. Control your mental state and you will be happy.

Most of the people who practice qigong, martial arts or even athletics know that your energy originates from your dantien (your center in your abdomen.) So their practice only focuses upon the dantien. But many athletes and other practitioners forget to attend to their heart. So sometimes, after excess exercise, they get a swollen heart. They make the heart irregular because they don’t attend to the most important parts: heart and mind.

Sometimes this harms your mental state. In the martial arts we say zhou huo lu muo (more is evil and gets into your mind.) If you’re not paying enough attention to the two places that are most important when you meditate, you can go crazy. The message gets mixed up. Your thoughts lose their focus. You see this in a lot of athletes. They start by being egocentric. They?re not calm, easy to upset. Egotism is the early warning sign. After that, you go crazy or lose your focus completely.”

Playing Music and Painting Flowers for Calmness
“The potential of losing your mind is why, at the highest level of qigong, you have to combine qigong with mudras and chanting. Playing music harmonizes you down. Colors also affect you. So practicing calligraphy and painting are also very important. These arts center you to the right place. Chinese music uses a pentatonic scale. That’s a five-note scale instead of the seven-note scale (in Western music.) These five notes match with your five elements and five colors. Music can adjust and regulate your mental state. The lower notes have more power. When you reach a high level, you must combine these into your practice. This isn’t just for me. At a certain stage of qigong practice, everyone must add this in. Chinese speak of wu yin liao fa (the way of healing with the five notes and elements.) Even outside of China, researchers are beginning to accept this idea and dedicating more research to it.

Color depends on the individual. If you are generally cold, you need to surround yourself with warm colors. If you are warm, surely you need cooling colors. Within calligraphy, if you are painting straight lines, dotted lines, solid lines, bold lines or changing the angle of your strokes, it all makes a difference. Even the subject of your painting is important too. For example, in traditional flower painting, if you paint an orchid, that is good for your kidneys. A lotus is for you heart. A plum flower is for your lungs. A chrysanthemum is for your spleen and bamboo is for your liver.

Star Spirit KuixingI started to paint from childhood. My painting teacher was 107 years old. Painting is a two-dimensional art. The martial arts is a three-dimensional art. All is art, just different forms. When your paint, not only do you show what you are thinking, the most beautiful part of your imagination is represented through your art. You expel your bad qi when you do an art such as painting. That?s why when your look at someone?s painting you can see their qi state. How much qi they have will be reflected in their work. From their painting alone, you can tell if they?re a good person or a bad person, or if they have any illnesses. This is not my discovery. It’s actually an old idea in Chinese thought. If you look at a piece of calligraphy, you may observe something like one side of the strokes being thicker and the other being thinner. This means the body is not quite balanced. If somebody really studies this, they can tell a tremendous amount about someone from their work. I?m no expert on this but I see someone’s physical state just from looking at their painting.

I began to study dong xiao (a traditional Chinese fife) at around 20 years old since it was related to my qigong. Dong xiao helped develop my dantien qi while gu zhen cultivated moving qi from my meridians and vessels. Dong xiao moves my qi from the fingertips to the center. Gu zhen moves my qi from my dantien to my fingertips. Other instruments have their own individual character, but they all show the range of human happiness, sadness, anger and moods. That is your spirit, your mind. It?s just like in the martial arts. Either you show the spirit of animals like dragons and tigers, or the spirit of nature like clouds, rain, thunder and lightning.

Most of today’s modern music has a fast beat but no real energy so it’s not good for your mental state. It isn’t balancing. You may be very excited at the concert or whatever, but when you go back home, you have nothing left. You’re so tired, totally exhausted and empty in your mind.”

The Origin of It All
“No matter what you do, martial arts, soft arts like painting or music, whatever, what you are really trying to achieve is your quest for your origin. If you are going to prolong your life, you have to find the “spring” of your life or your “life well.” This is longevity qigong, finding your origin. That?s the most important place for you.

The Ancient art of Iron CrotchIn the martial arts, we always talk about jing (essence,) qi, shen (spirit.) That’s the core of it all. For human beings, the most reproductive system is the most important source. That’s where your energies originate. Within the human brain, your hormone producing glands are active until you reach puberty. After puberty, that decreases and a most of your hormones are produced by your reproductive organs. You reach a sexual peak in your thirties, after which your reproductive organs start to shrink and you get weaker. This is why once you reach puberty, it is more difficult to correct bad habits and learn things like a new language. If you have an accent at this age, you will probably never lose it. This is due to the decrease in your brain?s hormonal production causing a decline in your mental capacity to process new information.

After 40 years of age, your reproductive organs really start to shrink. Your general health declines and you get slower. Chinese qigong masters realized this. What they sought to achieve was a method of prolonging the peak of your reproductive period. At the same time, they wanted to keep your mind sharp so you could continue to learn new things and cultivate wisdom. So you can increase your jing shen (reproductive power) and your shen together. If you have a healthy body, it will help your to have a healthy mind. They are like left and right, always together. The ultimate goal is to prevent aging and the fastest way to do so is through 99 Power Practice. When you’re younger, you can achieve noticeable results in as few as one or two months. They are not really shrinking yet, so you can exercise to make it harder. For older people, provided you are in good health, you can achieve an effect in six months or so.

In ancient times, our Chinese qigong ancestors wanted to increase longevity through making special medicine (the “immortality pill” known to Taoists as the external dan.) Eventually, they found out that it wasn?t necessary to take pills. The answer lies within. This qigong of 99 Power Practice originated from Bodhidharma and Shaolin Muscle Tendon Change Classic Qigong (yijinjing.) When most people do exercise, they are just expending their energy. They waste it. They let it go. But in the qigong of 99 Power Practice, you create energy and cultivate it. If you have a tree, your dantien is like the ground (author’s note: this notion gets at the literal definition of dantien ? dan as in immortality pill mentioned earlier, tien means field, like field of crops, thus “ground.”) However your root to suck in the energy is your reproductive organs. If you just do dantien exercises, you won’t get energy from there. You get it from your root.

In Qigong, there are three important power fields known as san cai. The first is the universe ? sun, air and light. The second is earth ? animals, nature and minerals. The third is within your body. You must combine these three to truly cultivate your energy. So when you practice qigong, you must have the right time and the right place. Go to a good place, a natural place or a spiritual place. I practice in the mountains or by the ocean every day. Also practice at the right time when you have good yin and yang energy. For the third one, your body, you must use the right method and posture. In 99 Power Practice, our posture looks like a tree that is sucking water up. By combining the right place, the right time and the right practice, you will get the most effect in the shortest period of time.

Although it started in China, during the Cultural Revolution, qigong masters couldn’t practice openly, so they went underground and resurfaced in Taiwan. When a master reaches the highest level, he can pull it up. That’s how my son can kick me in the crotch at an exhibition, because it?s not there.”

And for the Ladies?
“There is a different method for women. Women can also hang a hundred pounds from their private parts. An egg-shaped piece of jade with a dangling cord is inserted inside them. Not many practice this. I only teach it to couples, not to single women. Actually, there was a lot of opposition in Taiwan for me to teach these skills at all. It was viewed as a skill for prostitutes. Now, thanks to the more open minds of modern science and medicine, people don?t look at me like a criminal for teaching these skills. They know now that the very origin of life is from there.”

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GDV Measurements of Qigong Master Tu

GDV Measurements of Qigong Master Tu

by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Experimental Data
During the Fifth World Congress on Qigong in San Francisco, California Nov 1-2, 2002 several measurements were taken by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov of Master Tu Jin-Sheng’s energy field both before and after his performances.

Fig.1 depicts the energy field of Master Tu in his calm relaxed condition after dinner. This type of field is typical for a person who is considered – for all intents and purposes – to be healthy.



After the first exercise, the image of his field changed dramatically. This can be seen clearly in fig.2. The field is beginning to scatter and very specific attachments appear at the upper back on both sides. The same scattered pattern is maintained after the second exercise (fig.3). However, it becomes even more exaggerated after the third (fig.4). This pattern of energy field transformation is typical for a person undergoing transition to an Altered State of Consciousness – ASC (see description in [1,2]). In this state, the frequency of the field increases dramatically and transforms to the UV part of the spectrum, which is currently beyond the capability of the current GDV camera technology to capture. This creates the appearance of deterioration in the field. However, the physical principles are absolutely different from similar looking fields of those who are in a disease state.

This is clearly presented by the GDV Diagram picture (fig.5). GDV fig 5The relaxed condition is typical rounded diagram for both hands (curve 1, yellow). In the first exercise Master Tu clearly moved Yang energy to the right hand as reflected by the type of diagram curve (curve 2, black) while the left hand curve remains rounded as in relaxed state. In the third exercise we see that the situation is reversed. This time it is the curve of the right hand that remains rounded whereas the curve of the left hand is star-like (curve 3) indicating that Master Tu was moving Yang energy to the left hand. The diagram curves after the fourth exercise show star-like patterns for both hands (curve 4). This type of curve is absolutely unique: it never occurs in the diagrams of individuals who are either healthy or in a disease state. In this case Master Tu use YANG energy and move it to BOTH the left and right hand.

GDV Fig_6


The patterns of fingers BEO-grams are very interesting as well (fig.6). In relaxed state after dinner, they are typical for a practically healthy person (fig.6.1). But after the first exercise we see very specific changes in the pattern for all the fingers of the right hand (fig.6.2). This pattern specifically indicates transition to an ASC [1,2]. Patterns on the fingers of the left hand changed, but not as strongly. In this exercise Master Tu intended to send YANG energy to the right hand.

After the second exercise, significant changes in the finger patterns appeared on the left hand (fig.6.3). This condition remained after third exercise (fig.6.4). In both cases Yang energy was sent to the left hand.

After the Yin exercise (Master Tu was standing on the eggs painting picture) fingers of the both hands had the same type (fig.6.5) much fainter compared with relaxed state (fig.6.1).

Fig 7
Chakrasdemonstrates that Master Tu re-distributed his energy along the chakras during the exercises. The lower chakras had slightly higher energy compared with upper ones (line 1) when he was in a relaxed state after dinner. During his Yang exercises, the line of energy distribution along chakras became wave-like similar (lines 2,3,4). (Please note that this data was collected in two separate sessions with three hours break between them.)

After the Yin exercise, Master Tu increased energy in his upper chakras creating an ascending line (line 5) differing from descending character of his chakras while he was in a relaxed state.

Conclusion GDV_image
After a series of GDV measurements with Master Tu, the following conclusions can be made:

  • During the exercises, Master Tu transformed to an Altered State of Consciousness.
  • Master Tu was able to send YANG energy to different hands at will.
  • Master Tu manipulated his Chakra energy according to whether he was performing Yang or Yin exercises.


The results of these measurements demonstrate that Master Tu has outstanding abilities in consciously and repeatedly manipulating his inner energy and that this ability was clearly demonstrated over time by multiple measurements using GDV technology.


  1. Korotkov K. Human Energy Fields: Study with GDV Bioelectrography. 2002. NY. Backbone Publishing Co. 360 p.
  2. Bundzen P., Korotkov K., Unestahl L.-E. Altered States of Consciousness: Review of Experimental Data Obtained with a Multiple Techniques Approach. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2002, 8 (2), 153-167.


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Tu Family’s performance at Kungfu Taichi 20th anniversary, 2012

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