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99 Power Qigong

99 Power Qigong

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Introductory Qigong

Qigong is an essential part of traditional Chinese culture and has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a way of life and an exercise that promotes health and helps developed human potentials. Qigong combines body movements and breathing to increase human energy. It focuses on strengthening the human body, concentrating the mind, and promoting the human spirits.

Practitioners use body gesture, breathing and movements to generate qi (human energy) and use their mind to guide the qi. When exercising, most people emphasize on training their musclea. They are unaware that internal energy is as important as the physical body. It also improves a person’s spiritual and mental health. In the past, Qigong training was kept secret for the Qigong masters, Only a few health-related qigong exercises and acupuncture were available to the general public. In recent years, Qigong is no longer a secret nor an inaccessible exercise. More and more people can learn qigong from practitioners and it is widely received and popular in Western countries. Qigong is truly a blessing to those who want to lead a healthy life, physically and mentally.

What is Qigong

The word Qigong in chinese is a combination of two words: Qi and Gong.Qi means energy. Gong means work. In Qigong theory, Jing精(essence), Qi氣(internal energy), Shen神(spirit) are the most important elements and requirements for effective Qigong training. They are the root of Qigong and also the root of Qigong practice. In Qigong training, a practitioner learns how to refine “Jing精” and convert it into “Qi氣”. Then he or she learns how to lead the “Qi” to the head and in turn converts it into “Shen神”. The conversion processes enable a practitioner to gain health and longevity. It is very important that a practitioner pays great attention to those processes when he or she is doing the Qigong exercise. Only when a practitioner achieves an advanced skill level that he or she can emit “Qi氣” either to heal the sick or protect himself/herself.

Although there is still no any equipment advance enough to measure the strength of Qi, people still believe that Qi does exist. Millions of people have benefited from Qigong for thousand of years. Lots of people learn Qigong because Qigong is proven to strengthen and balance the immune system and balance system. Many Qigong devotees reported that after practicing Qigong, they have changed from weak to strong, from depressed to happy, and from sick to healthy. Thia is the utmost goal of Qigong, to promote bith physical and mental health.

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