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Introductory Feng Shui

1. Know and recognize the Sha (ominous influences) of the residence. (There are 36 sha’s , of which 6 are
serious enough to imply that one should not live there.) Methods to counteract the sha.

2. Four spiritual directions Zi, Wu, Mao, You. Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Bird, Snake and Turtle .
Their composition, organization and transformation of fortune and directions.

3. The Eight Waterways. The recognition of the difference between the auspicious and evil-boding
relations between to water and your residence.

4. Recognize your own trigram in relation to the eight situations of your residence.
Recognize the four auspicious directions and the four evil-boding directions.

The four auspicious directions: Recovery from illnesses, prosperity, longevity and replenishing
vital energy.

The four evil-boding directions: Accidents, injury, diseases and bankruptcy.

5. The correct situation of the kitchen, the bedroom and treasure storage.

Future Classes
Intermediate Class: The 64 Hexagrams, The
transformations of Yin and Yang and the five elements
and their relationships with medicine and fortune.

For more infomation or registration contact [email protected]

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