Grandmaster Jin-Sheng Tu
Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng is a world renown Grandmaster of Qigong and Chinese medicine. He is recognized as a Professor in medical societies in Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the U.S.A. He is also a master painter and musician. He has been covered extensively in his native country Taiwan,  and his exposure to the West has been growing rapidly. In the English speaking world, he has been covered in Kung Fu Magazine, Playboy, Weekly World News, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, National Geographic,  England BBC, and Germany ZDF.

Now in his 60’s, Grandmaster Tu still has the kind of bulging virile physique that many body builders dream about – big and buffed, yet not so much to impede his flexibility or agility. He can kick easily above his head, break stone slabs with a single strike, and blow out a row of candles with one speedy leg sweep. A veteran martial Grandmaster Tu was born into a martial family and began his training under his father in Shaolin kung fu at the age of six. From the beginning, he was a career-track martial artist. He graduated from the prestigious Teachers Physical College of Taiwan with a degree in martial arts and also earned his master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, he is an accomplished acupuncturist, painter and calligrapher. Tu has dedicated his life’s work completely to the martial arts and founded his own unique style of qigong kungfu. Called Jiu Yang Shen Gong, Tu now boasts over 60,000 followers worldwide with students in Malaysia, Japan, Italy, France, Canada, and even here in the United States.

Jiu Yang Shen Gong is Grandmaster Tu’s unique penis qigong. Jiu means nine. Nine is special number in Chinese numerology because it is the largest of the single digits and after counting to nine, one must return to one. It also refers to the nine major orifices of the body: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, anus, and genitals. Shen means spirit. Yang is the same Yang in Yin-Yang and Gong is the same Gong in Qigong. This method is based on Bodhidharma’s Shaolin Marrow Washing (xisuigong) and Taoist nine-circle alchemy (daojia jiu zhuan wandansu.) It combines Buddhist and Taoist, as well as internal and external methods. When Tu puts this in modern scientific terms, he defines the external method as cultivation of the penis while the internal method focuses on increasing hormone production.

Even in our immodest modern world, penis training is seldom seen. Grandmaster Tu believes this type of qigong kungfu has been kept behind closed doors for two main reasons. Firstly, the Chinese people are conservative by nature, so many judge this to be a prurient practice and avoid discussing it seriously. Secondly and more interestingly, this kungfu focuses on the reproductive organs, the very base of human life, so it is immensely powerful. Grandmasters had to find the right pupils to receive the teachings or they would not pass it on.

But today, Grandmaster Tu exalts this practice as a penile panacea. It can prevent old age and diseases, increase energy and vitality, make muscles and bones stronger, reduce arterial blockage, cholesterol levels, diabetes, allergies and ear problems. Additionally, of course, it can greatly enhance sexual performance. According to Grandmaster Tu, this method will increase the sperm count and boost male hormone levels in a way that is much more natural and better than taking drugs like Viagra or steroids.

Achievements and Experience

2000 World Outstanding Award

1976: Founded the first martial art training center in Taipei to teach Fu Xing Qigong and 99Qigong

1979: Graduated from the National Normal University, Department of Physical Education

1979: Graduated from Physical Education Department, National Normal University

1984: Completed the Graduate School Course of Chinese Medical Science Research Institute

1984: Completed the Graduate School Course of Chinese Medical Science Research Institute.

1985: Served as the coach for the Overseas Qigong Youth Training & Study Tour

Taiwan National Martial Art Award

1988: Invited by the San Francisco Women Association in the U.S. to teach Qigong

1989: Represented Taiwan in the World Champion competition, held in Las Vegas, U.S.

1990: Served as the CEO of Taiwan Yi Jing Association

1992: Served as the coach for a Kung Fu team who represented Taiwan in numerous world championship

1993: Served as a counselor for the Taiwan National Guo Shu Association

1995: Chinese acupuncture practitioner of British Columbia, Canada

1995: Practised Chinese acupuncture practitioner in British Columbia, Canada

1996: Acupuncture practitioner of The Canadian Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Society

1996: Served as an acupuncture practitioner of The Canadian Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Society, Canada

1988 Performing in San Francisco China Town. (Chopping 10 ice blocks with bare hand)

1999: Awarded Honorary Fellow of Art and Chi-Kung by The Asia Society of Arts of America

1999: Awarded the Honorary Fellow of Art and Qigong by the Asia Society of Arts of America in the U.S.

1999: Served as a Qigong professor in American Purlinton University, U.S.

2001: Invited by the China Exp. USA to demonstrate his traditional chinese painting and Qigong in Los Angeles, U.S.

2002: Invited to East West Qigong Congress to do a speech on qigong and was awarded with Qigong Master of The Year Award.

2003: Invited by the Kung Fu Magazine in the U.S. to teach 99 Qigong in the U.S.

International Star Jet Li with grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng

2003: Media around the world interviwing and filming master Tu Jin-Sheng’s extrodinary qigong.

2003: Weekly World News (November Edition) – in depth coverage of Grandmaster Tu and his amazing Qi Gong.

2004: England National Television BBC interview Grandmaster Tu and filmed a documentary at the Los Angeles Training Center.

2006: National Geographic Magazine filmed Grandmaster Tu performing the amazing Aircraft Pull stunt. This video was broadcaster in more than one hundred countries around the world.

2010: Grandmaster Tu was awarded the Honorary Chariman of American Taoist Foundation

2012: Grandmaster Tu and his family was invited to Kung Fu Magazine 20th Anniversary.

2013: Grandmaster Tu and his family was invited to the Extraordinary Martial Arts of the World in Richmond, BC, Canada.

2015: Germany ZDF interview Grandmaster Tu  and filmed a documentary on his amazing Iron Crotch Qi Gong

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