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Grandmaster Tu’s First Disciple in China.

Grandmaster Tu’s has appointed his first Disciple in China, Yao Xiang. The official training has not commence and will happen by the end of the year. Yao Xiang is a well known expert in the application of Chinese Medicine and health care. He is the NLP Senior Female Psychology Instructor, emotional counseling expert, parent-child education expert and the senior health care profession of Hangzhou Herbal Yang Sheng Tang Group.

Additionally, he is also the Dean of Business School of Epoch Co., LTD., East Subai Hall, Xpressing Tai Chi Senior Coach, Icahn Guobin Group and Shanghai Guobin Medical Center special health consultant. Yao Xiang has a abundance of experience and background in Medicine and health and has chosen to follow Grandmaster Tu to continue his education and learn Grandmaster Tu’s Tao Chia Qi Gong.

Grandmaster Tu (Left)
Disciple Yao Xiang (Right)

Grandmaster Tu will be heading to China by the end of the year to officially start the training with Yao Xiang. In the near future, we will be hosting seminars and private lessons in China. Please contact us for more information.

Grandmaster Tu’s Eldest Son Jack Tu (Left), Grandmaster Tu (Middle), Disciple Yao Xiang


Grandmaster Tu’s Wife Sandy (Left), Grandmaster Tu, Disciple Yao Xiang, Disciple Yao Xiang’s Wife.

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Grandmaster Tu’s Upcoming Iron Crotch/Qi Gong Seminar in USA/CANADA

Grandmaster Tu is back in the states. Please check the dates below for upcoming Iron Crotch Qi Gong seminars.

New York: May 28th – June 1st. 

Los Angeles: June 4th – June 8th

Los Angeles: June 11th – June 15th

Vancouver: June 18th – June 22nd

*Seminar are subject to change without notice, please call to confirm dates*

If your interested in taking the class please contact us directly for more information.

Call: 1-626-215-7970

Email: [email protected]

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Upcoming Free Qi Gong & Meridian Exercise Therapy Seminar

Grandmaster Tu is back in town and will be hosting a free seminar. The seminar will cover how Qi Gong and Meridian Exercise Therapy can benefit your overall health and wellness.

Seminar 1:

Date: Saturday January 27, 2018

Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Seminar 1:

Date: Sunday January 28, 2018

Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm


What the seminar will cover:

Both days will cover the same topics.

  1. Qi Gong for Health: Grandmaster Tu will speak about how and why Qi Gong is beneficial to our physical and mental health.
  2. Meridian Exercise Therapy: Grandmaster Tu will speak about how strengthening specific muscle regions can facilitate the activation of the meridians and lead to optimal meridian flow which is crucial to balance and health. 
  3. Iron Crotch Qi Gong for Men: This is the ultimate training for men and can be life changing. This ancient training method can help boost immunity, vitality, confidence and most importantly boost testosterone. Men with low T often have symptoms of joint pain, low energy levels, low sex drive, depression, heart disease, and even increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Iron Crotch training can help boost your testosterone level and contribute to your overall health. 

Who should attend the seminar?

Practitioners of all ages are welcome to join the seminar. Young or old, it is never too early or too late to take steps toward a healthier future. The most common symptoms that seem to surface as we age are: frequent fatigue, low energy, joint pains, headaches, and sleepless nights. Sleep is vital for memory and mental clarity and a lack of sleep can have devastating impacts on our health, safety, and longevity. Don’t be mistaken, these symptoms may be common among aging adults, but it is NOT NORMAL! Even with age, these symptoms should not occur and must be addressed as soon as possible.

It is well established that exercise is vital to our health, but as we age, the type of exercise we do must change and adapt to the natural changes that accompany aging. When we are in our 20’s it is fine and encouraged for us to hit up the gym and complete rigorous workouts to help strengthen our body, but as we progress into our late 40’s and 50’s our body aren’t able to handle the same workouts we did in our 20’s. Our workouts must adapt to our changing body. If we continue to do the same things we did 20-30 years ago it would quickly lead to insult and damage to our bodies. 

Come witness the amazing benefits of Grandmaster Tu’s Qi Gong Training. With over 40 years of teaching experience and students from all over the globe, he can guarantee everlasting health benefits to those that follow and incorporate his teachings. 

Where is the seminar held and what do we offer?

The seminar will be held in our training facility in Arcadia, California. Grandmaster Tu’s training facility is definitely one of a kind and unlike any other Qi Gong facilities in the world. Not only will you be able to learn the amazing benefits of Qi Gong, you will also have access to a fully equipped fitness center.  Grandmaster Tu incorporates a variety strength training into his teaching to help build muscles and help boost your immune system. Our facility caters to practitioners of all ages. Whether you are someone in your 20’s who is looking for a more professional private training facility or for someone in their 50’s looking for a place to learn Qi Gong. Our training center has everything you need  to help you reach your overall wellness goals.

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Grandmaster Tu Meridian Exercise Therapy Online Certification 8 CEUs

This course is designed to educate professionals on the theory of Meridian Exercise Therapy. By strengthening specific muscle regions, it is possible to activate the function of the Meridians and Acupuncture points in the areas of the muscles being strengthened.

This theory will enhance the licensee’s ability to effectively counsel the patient, guiding them to activate acupuncture points of the body according to the times of the meridian pathways and by recommending strengthening specific muscle areas.

A detailed explanation on how the Meridian crossing times correlates with when one should strengthen the targeted muscles.Targeting different muscles will allow activation of the function of the Acupuncture points located in the area of that muscle. By understanding which muscles to activate and at what time the meridian pathways run, one will be able to activate the functions the Qi and Blood flow through the muscles and open the Meridians, as well as activate the functions of Acupuncture points.

This theory provides long term access to improving one’s health.

Please visit HERE to take the course.

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Grandmaster Tu FREE Qi Gong Meridian Exercise Seminar

We will be hosting a FREE Qi Gong Meridian Exercise Workshop on September 23rd/24th Saturday and Sunday. If you are interested in taking lessons with Grandmaster Tu this is the best event to attend. On this day we will have a special guest, the President of Academic of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, Dr. Yen Wei Choong will be offering Acupuncture services for anyone who may be interested. This is a great opportunity for those who would like to experience an alternative therapy for pain management, stress, and anything health related! Acupuncture sessions range from $60-150, however all treatment cost that day will only be $20 and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief.

Dr. Yen Wei Choong has been practicing Acupuncture since 1980 and operates a very successful clinic in the Bay Area. In the 1990’s, Professor Choong served as the traveling Acupuncturist for Jerry Garcia and the The Grateful Dead, looking after their health. Currently, Yen Wei Choong serves as a well-respected chairman of the board of directors and professor at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland.
Please RSVP to our event to attend! 

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Grandmaster Tu QI Origin Herbal Formula 猛龍神氣丸

After rigorous adjustments and trials for safety and manufacturing standards, Grandmaster Tu proudly presents the Qi Origin Pill formula! For anyone looking to strengthen their immune system or have tendency of being fatigued. This formula is also beneficial for people who experience stress often.
It balances the body’s Yin and Yang, harmonizes and Tonify Qi and Blood.

This formula treats disharmony of the Yin and Yang, nourishes the Kidney and Lung Yin, therefore clears the turbidity of the lungs. Beneficial for clearing 5 center heat and draining fire & cooling blood. Most importantly, it boosts the Origin Qi, which is our Kidney Yang and enables the strengthening of tendons and bones of our body.

Good for people who have Qi and Blood deficiency, which usually correlates to the feeling of listlessness and fatigued/tired. It is a great for boosting the Qi of the body which will assist the immune system. Day to day usage can assist in the balancing of the body’s Qi and Blood, Yin and Yang.

Each bottle consists of 1000 rounded honey herbal pills.

Click HERE to purchase.

Recognized by Taiwan’s GMP.

滋 腎陰,壯元陽

補血滋陰,益腎填精,溫補腎虛 滋陰清肺,補腎,強筋壯骨!
專治 : 腎虛,身體虛弱,四肢倦怠
本方精選道地藥材,絕不含西藥成分 不躁不寒,男女皆宜,素食者可服

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Grandmaster Tu is back in California!

Grandmaster Tu is back in California. If you interested in learning Iron Crotch please give us a call today!



[email protected]


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Qi Gong Training DVD Now in ENGLISH

Grandmaster Tu’s Qi Gong Training DVD now available in English!

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