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Grandmaster Tu’s Qi Gong Tai Chi now Enrolling in Los Angeles.

We are now opening enrollment for 99 Power Qi Gong Tai Chi class. Our Special Tai Chi classes are not like your average Tai Chi, it is only taught here at 99 Martial Arts Center where Grand Master Tu with his 30 years of experience has incorporated both Qi Gong and Self Defense into one discipline. Some of the downfalls of doing  regular Tai Chi is that it can cause chronic joint problems if done incorrectly and often limited for older practitioners due to the high level of movement and forms. Our Qi Gong Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and is easy to learn! Not only will you feel the heat circulation with in minutes of practicing you will feel lighter and healthier!


Please call for more information.

Contact Info:



99 Martial Arts Center

36 W. Live Oak Ave

Arcadia, CA 91007



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